Work Environment

Work Place

Team spirit and friendly but disciplined environment is necessary for growth of any company. NVPLions are a motivated bunch of people , all have same goal to provide better business solutions & support to clients.
We would like to describe our work place as an environment which provides an atmosphere for cumulative as well as personal growth. An environment in which everyone can share his ideas. Young employees need experience of seniors to settle in this competitive world , but at same time their thoughts should be listened by seniors with respect.


Learning activities are so scheduled that every team member get involvement in each program at least once. Specific Schedule are also made for making a team ready for a specific task , like launching a new venture or customer support centre.

Continuous learning programs are necessary for professional growth of individual as well as company. NVPL hold various enhancement programs time to time to help our team to enhance their individuals as well as professional skills. This learning environment ensures high end work delivery to our clients by our team. These programs meets the various needs of NVPLions in different areas of Communication Skills, Management, Customer Management, Support & Technology.


Festival celebration at NVPL campus is a common activity during year. Besides members, their families also participate in these events.

NVPL provides an environment, full of life so that all NVPLions are just not confined to their desks, but also participate actively in various cultural programs organized by organization time to time. These activities can vary from Monthly Get-to-Gather, Sport Events, Music Competitions or Drama.

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